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A new kind of tennis court in Pärnu – MyGames automated an outdoor tennis court!

The selection of tennis courts in Pärnu has been significantly expanded. At the beginning of July, MyGames opened the first self-service tennis court in the Pärnu beach district, which is one of a kind in Estonia. The court can be booked from the mobile application and web browser. To access the court, a unique code is created for the booker, which opens the gate and turns on the court lighting, allowing tennis to be played even in the darker weather conditions. At the end of the game, it is possible to set a small automatic pause between games in the booking system so that different players do not have to meet each other. This is a 100% contactless service.

Court specifically designed for Estonian climate

While the outdoor tennis season usually lasts from the beginning of June to August, on MyGames you can start the season in April and play, depending on the weather, at least until the end of September. The pavement needs minimal maintenance, dries significantly faster than traditional clay sand and is rain friendly. In addition, the court has a built-in smart lighting system that is automatically integrated with the booking and payment system.

The court uses a unique TopClay tennis court cover, which is essentially a hybrid of a clay sand court – played on a special carpet covered with natural clay. Unlike a clay sand field, TopClay does not require a major spring reconstruction – the cover is installed on a water-permeable asphalt base that does not sink, rise or become uneven during the winter.

In terms of game features, TopClay is very similar to the classic clay sand field. In dry weather, it needs to be watered in the same way as a normal clay sand field, but a big advantage arises in rainy weather – namely, such a hybrid variant dries much faster after rain than ordinary clay sand. This way you can play significantly more tennis on this court.

Unigrass, which has been building tennis courts for 16 years, installed TopClay on MyGames. “TopClay is a good choice for tennis fans who like to play on the clay sand court and who want to use the court intensively, while keeping maintenance costs as low as possible. The disadvantage is the slightly higher construction costs compared to artificial turf. At the same time, TopClay is as if created for self-service fields, where the period of use must be as wide as possible and the need for maintenance as small as possible”, commented Andrus Kivi from Unigrass OÜ. “Unigrass recognizes an opportunity for cooperation in the field of building self-service tennis courts in general. Above all, we want to offer our customers complete solutions for the construction of tennis courts, as well as support and distribute the tennis times management platform developed by MyGames, which promotes healthy lifestyles and the development of tennis in general,” he added.

The lighting system of the tennis court comes from Led Lamp OÜ, which performed separate lighting calculations for MyGames court and installed a solution that is specifically designed for sports courts. “In order to achieve the best and most even lighting, we placed 8 x 437 W luminaires and 2 x 514 W luminaires in the square area. The light temperature is 5000K, specifically meant for sports field. These luminaires are specially designed for lighting sports games, under which the fast-moving ball will not flicker” commented Ago Altjõe from Led Lamp OÜ. The luminaires for sports games are made in Finland by Easy Led OY factory and the warranty is valid for 5 years.


MyGames tennis court differs from other courts in a way that booking, paying for and using the tennis court has been made 100% contactless. Self-service hotels and sports clubs are already common. From now on, such solution will increasingly reach tennis fans as well.

The self-service court can be booked through the MyGames booking system, which can be used both from a mobile application or on a web browser. It is especially convenient that you can pay for the court immediately through the booking system. After booking, the player will be sent a unique confirmation code to access the court at the selected time. When it is dark outside, the field lights come on automatically when the gate is opened. You don’t have to turn on anything separately.

Access to the court has been solved and built in cooperation with Valnes. “Our WebLock cloud-based access system should be interfaced with various locked rental services as well as the automation of the service provider’s business processes,” said Taavi Kalvik, project manager of Valnes access systems. “We help business partners create affordable and convenient services that are great additions to their competitiveness and customer satisfaction” he added.

An integrated camera system that provides recording capability and, if desired, transmits live transmission over the web.

The court is also equipped with a video system that acts as a video surveillance, offers the possibility to record the game and allows the broadcast to be shared on the web, even directly to Facebook. If you usually have to order a separate video service provider to record a game or make a webcast, MyGames already has such a built-in solution.

The automated court has 5 cameras that allow you to take a high-quality video of the game and transfer it directly. You can also order a video recording of the game, to which you can add a more in-depth video analysis from the trainer.

The video system was installed by Bitimaailm, which specializes in innovative and smart IT solutions.

MyGames tennis court is located in the Pärnu beach area at Viire 2, right between Pärnu Tennis Center and Strand Hotel. The developer of the tennis court is AS SA.MET. “We undertook this project with great interest, because we have always been fascinated by innovation and future technologies,” said Janno Metsa, Strategy and Development Manager of AS SA.MET.  “Sports opportunities are undoubtedly part of a quality living environment. Tennis is a lifestyle that is suitable for sports enthusiasts of all levels, both young and old. Our wish was to make tennis more accessible to ordinary people by diversifying the opportunities to play tennis in Pärnu and bringing this sport closer to both local residents and tourists who visit the Estonian summer capital, “he added.

Margus Randmäe, CEO of MyGames, commented on the opening of the MyGames tennis court as follows: “The fully automatic demo court with the MyGames concept built in the beach area of ​​the summer capital is the first of its kind. From the very beginning, when developing the court, we have kept in mind that it would allow maximum automation – it would be compatible with access control, lighting and security systems, and that video transmissions, video analysis and other additional services could also be offered here.”

“We take this as a pilot project to test the systems and are very open to cooperation to offer similar solutions to other field owners together with our partners,” said Randmäe, adding that “in the future it is planned to offer rental of tennis courts, including showers, toilets etc.” In cooperation with the Estonian Academy of Arts, it is also planned to develop its own furniture series for tennis courts, which should include all the furniture elements that belong to modern tennis court.

MyGames is a startup company from Pärnu that improves the occupancy of tennis courts and creates more opportunities to play tennis. The solutions developed by the company create value for the field owner through better visibility, occupancy and savings in marketing and administration costs. However, a tennis player is offered a convenient opportunity to find free time on the preferable time and place choosing. MyGames is also a member of Tehnopol Startup Incubator.

If you wish to have contactless and fully automated tennis center or tennis court then feel free to contact us at