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Can good things be made even better?

If you manage a well-known tennis center, then you may have 10 or more tennis courts. Lots of trainings, camps, tournaments and a membership of regular customers, who make a large part of regular bookings. Occupancy is good and there is probably more people who want to play, but can’t find free playing time on your tennis courts, but there are few times of the day, when the court is left empty. After all, playing times that are canceled at the last minute could be sold, increased effectively and you could earn more money. You may have invested heavily in booking and administration systems, but sometimes the fast direct notification channel is missing.

MyGames has a solution for you – a tennis court marketplace. Behind the strange name is actually a simple, logical and useful “portal” of courts. As if selling a car or an apartment, you can also make your empty courts visible to a large tennis community through the MyGames platform and this also sell off individual playing times on your courts, when it’s left empty. Thanks to the notifications of mobile application, information about last-minute canceled times also reaches players who are interested in playing tennis, offering you greater occupancy on tennis courts and allowing those who would otherwise miss a free court during the evening rush hour to enter the field.

In addition, MyGames gives you a reliable partner, not just a service provider. We also help you inform existing customer base about MyGames and introduce you to the entire MyGames community. Of course, we offer ongoing customer support and we are always there for you.

All in all, you are more visible, the efficiency of the center is improved, you get more income and it is also much easier for players to find playing time.

To join the MyGames marketplace, feel free to contact: