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E. Rumberg: ‘This is an even better solution than what I could have imagined last year’!

In addition to developing the MyGames booking system and court automation, we have always aimed to bear in mind the best interests of not only tennis enthusiasts but also the owners of courts. When we opened our demo court, our hypothesis was that we could increase the profit of the court while considerably saving the court owner’s time, effort, and costs. Our own court already fulfilled these expectations last summer, but now the system is finally really out there.

The following user experience needs no further introduction. Thank you, Egle, for these kind words. This is the unedited story of the Uulu tennis court:

‘Our tennis court got its finishing touch last year. We looked for a suitable solution to enable tennis court users to enter the court without us having to physically hand them the key. Last year, we solved the hire using a key safe. However, a staff member still had to go to the court physically to activate the code, and invoicing in itself was rather time-consuming. 

This year, we discovered the MyGames system, and I must admit that this is an even better solution than I could have imagined last year. In addition to the booking system, our tennis court has also got an access system set up, which does not require any further actions from us. Players can pay right before they start, which means we do not need to spend any extra time or effort on invoicing. The administrative side is virtually non-existent from our side. 

A further advantage is the fact that the users of the MyGames system see all the courts in the system. This has helped a number of new players find their way to our court. The number of users and the profit made in one week this year is comparable to the same figures of a whole month last year.

While I was initially not convinced at all of the MyGames system, then today, I can safely say that they have developed a very useful, modern, and necessary solution! I would especially highlight customer communication – our collaboration has been very enjoyable, and we have felt supported throughout.  

I am grateful that you have made it to our court!

Yours sincerely
Egle Rumberg
Director of Uulu Basic School’