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If you have an available tennis court, then don’t be shy about it!

If you are one of those prominent people who has a tennis court at their home, then you probably are one lucky tennis-friend – you can play on your court whenever you like! However, have you once counted how often do you use the court for yourself and, on the contrary, how often does the court stand empty? In all likelihood, the court could offer much more playtime than it does today (correct me if I’m wrong).

And, while not using the court at any time given, there are still some maintenance costs, such as lighting, video surveillance, etc. Maybe you have even sometimes thought of using the land under the court for other purposes or even selling it off?

MyGames has a solution for you – “tennis court Airbnb”. Exactly, it works on the same principle as renting out a seasonal, vacant apartment. By becoming an user of our system and setting up your court, the court will become available for all tennis enthusiasts nearby via our web based and mobile application. Set your own prices, availability and terms & conditions for booking. If you wish, you could also make your field visible and bookable in the system only for your friends or for the people you know.

In addition to improving occupancy, we’d also help you save some costs and time. From MyGames, you can order a so-called “court in the box” automation solution, which allows you to transform your tennis court completely self-serviceable, using an unique code to control, for example, entry and lighting, but also the water tap, cameras and other functions if desired. This way you’ll have an independent court on which you could keep an eye on anytime and anywhere and which earns you money! 

All in all, we could offer others more exciting opportunities to play tennis, earn more and enjoy free time. You can apply the latter, for example…just by playing more tennis! 🙂

Ask for an offer to automate your tennis court: