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MyGames expands the focus

MyGames is mainly known as a tennis court booking platform and automation system provider. It is true that tennis has been our starting point since the beginning and is a big part of our DNA. Our reservation system also mainly includes tennis courts, but a careful pair of eyes can also find some padel and beach volleyball courts. However, considering the end of the summer and the growing interest, we would like to further expand the focus and have set the goal to interface the fields of other sports with our system.

We have seen and received feedback that the MyGames solution is well suited to all racket sports, and we focus on them first – in addition to tennis, our interests include padel, badminton, squash and pickleball, which is gaining popularity in Estonia. But in addition to racket sports, we are increasingly looking at different ball games such as volleyball, soccer and basketball. The first ball game courts are already available in our reservation system in the form of beach volleyball in Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and Pärnu Beach Arena.

The goal of expanding our focus is to improve access to even more sporting opportunities by bringing racket and ball game areas closer to people and making finding, booking and using these courts easy and convenient.