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MyGames has opened the first fully solar energy powered automated tennis court in North Europe

This week, MyGames automated yet another tennis court, which means you can now play tennis at a self-service court in Sauga borough, Tori Parish, Pärnu County. Simply look for Sauga Tenniseväljak in the MyGames app, book the court, pay conveniently using your phone or computer, and upon arrival, you can open the gate using a unique code or directly via your smartphone. The automatised solution of the Sauga tennis court is unique since it is a fully off-grid solution. All devices get the energy they require from the solar panel installed near the court.

To our knowledge, this is the first solution of its kind in all of North Europe, and another step in MyGames’ product development, aiming to provide efficient solutions for managing tennis and padel courts. Now, courts can also be automated in areas which do not have an electric grid nearby or where it would be too costly to set one up. What is more, MyGames is very much invested in the adoption of green technologies. The introduction of an off-grid solution supports the long-term vision of the company – to build a better tomorrow where racket sports courts are smartly managed and used, in addition to forming part of a smart, modern, green urban space.

MyGames is a sharing platform for renting out courts quickly and easily, thus bringing tennis closer to enthusiasts. In addition to software, the company also provides automation devices that allow bringing together courts and players even faster, without the need to engage human workforce. The use of solar energy helps to work even more closely with court owners. The physical location of the court no longer matters. Nearly any court can be automatised.

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