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MyGames Raises 100K to Build an “Airbnb” for Tennis Courts

Pärnu-based Start-up MyGames raises 100K to launch their booking platform for tennis courts. The company has already built relationships with several tennis halls in Estonia to better understand their specific needs and launch their product in summer 2020.

The booking platform gives players an opportunity to get a real-time overview of available courts in specific time and place and book the court with only a few clicks. Tennis enthusiasts don’t have to scroll through different websites or make dozens of phone calls in order to book practice times.

Booking a court through the app is super fast and easy, you can basically compare it with ordering a taxi from Bolt or a flat from Airbnb. All you have to do is find a court, book, pay and just PLAY! Tennis enthusiasts get a detailed overview of available practice times on multiple tennis courts and can pick the one that suits best for them. 

Also let’s not forget the owners of the courts who will be able to attract a bigger audience and can significantly reduce their administrative costs. 


Simply more tennis and less empty practice times!