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MyGames recruited a highly experienced CTO and Growth Manager and continues a significantly faster growth rate than before

In connection with ambitious plans and new development goals, the MyGames platform for sharing sports fields felt the need to strengthen the team in the direction of both technological and sales management at the beginning of this year. In the summer, we were actively looking for new people, and as a result of successful negotiations, the company has recruited two new team members to date.

Maidu Üle is the new CTO of MyGames, who is responsible for the entire technological vision of MyGames, managing the company’s web, mobile and hardware development. Maidu has worked in the IT field all his life and over the years has gone through all possible areas of information technology, starting from the creation of simple web pages to the development of complex crypto chips. He is one of the most experienced technology managers in Estonia in both software and hardware. Maidu’s current clients is High Mobility, a company that provides software integrations for the automotive industry, include the head offices of Tesla, Audi, BMW and Porsche, among others. Commenting on joining the MyGames team, the new CTO mentioned that he saw MyGames as an exciting challenge. Maidu’s ambition is to lead the technological direction of the start-up in such a way that it supports the business goals of MyGames as much as possible. “I see that MyGames could be a global training platform”, added Maidu Üle.

With another new team member, Marten Merila, MyGames already had previous contact in the marketing field. Now, however, Marten has taken the position of Growth Manager of MyGames, managing the growth of the volume of pitches and centres the platform offers. He is an experienced sales and marketing manager, video producer and entrepreneur, whose current clients include Hilton, Sportland, Tallink, Apollo, Silen and many more. Marten has studied engineering and has worked in sales both in Estonia and abroad. For the last seven years, he has been working with his own companies, mainly with Sinisilm Films, which offers video production services. Having played tennis himself in his youth, it was tennis and the automation of all sports that appealed to Marten in the case of MyGames. Now he is responsible for having as many sports fields as possible on the MyGames platform. Commenting on the potential of MyGames, Marten said: “We have already seen this, how hotels and taxis moved to the app. Now it is sports courts time.”

Taavi Tamm, the previous marketing manager of MyGames, moved within the company to the position of Growth Manager in the direction of players and will be responsible for the growth of the number of bookers and ease of use in the future. The founders of MyGames, Margus Randmäe (CEO) and Janno Metsa (CPO), will continue in their current positions.

MyGames is raising new investments to implement fresh development plans. By the end of 2022, they want to involve 350 000 euros. With the help of the raised money, the plan is to take the product from the prototype level to the finished product to improve the user-friendliness of both court owners and players and accelerate the company’s growth. With the help of the included investment, we will further secure our position on the domestic market and achieve the target market share in the first foreign markets.

In 2022, the number of both players and pitches on the platform has increased, and the interest in MyGames’ sports pitch automation solutions has grown noticeably. The company’s growth will also be significantly accelerated by the open API interface created at the end of the summer of 2022, which enables larger centres to be connected to the MyGames platform. The goal is to show at least double growth in the last quarter of this year.

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Margus Randmäe

Co-founder and CEO of MyGames