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MyGames’ updated product development vision creates greater value for both players and court owners

As a classic start-up company, MyGames has been working on a prototype solution in the terms of hardware. We have tested our product in Estonia and in the foreign market. As a result, we have received valuable feedback and confirmation of what the main values, advantages, and differences of our product could be. Thanks to this, we have reached the point where we can develop the prototype into a finished product as the next step. Under the leadership of our new CTO Maidu Üle, we have developed a comprehensive technological vision and development plan.

As a first step, you can start to notice the changes on our website. Until now, the MyGames website has been more of a virtual business card to our company, after the updates it is a fast and convenient “gateway” where you can easily find and book a game time on the court you like. Beside of all the external changes, we have been working in the background to synchronize our software databases and organize their architecture. The result is a faster, safer and higher-quality environment that offers better usability for both players and court owners. As a second priority and the next step, we will make our mobile app more convenient for the user in addition to the web platform.

The third important technological step is the further development of our hardware, which enables sports fields to be even easier and cheaper to self-service. In the past we have been using automation systems that were outsourced from a third party company but thanks to the recruitment of our new CTO Maidu Üle, we now have the competence to assemble and produce our own automation systems. We are moving in the direction to start the production as soon as possible. The new devices will be more compact and reliable than the current ones. Abandoning outsourcing also lowers the price of automation, which creates an opportunity for court owners to automate their courts faster and cheaper than ever before.

The product created during the hardware improvements has more functionality than before. That allows to control more circuits. In a simplified way, this means that previously our standard hardware solution could only control two activities on the field (e.g. the passage of two doors or a door and lighting), while the new hardware already has the standard ability to control many times more functions. For example, the door and lighting of several courts, as well as storage cabinets, water faucets or other accessories according to the court owner’s wishes. Innovative functions are added as a result of our hardware development. As a new solution, for example, the court door will open automatically when the player has reached a certain distance from the door with his phone, without having to use a chip code or fingerprint. We have always considered it important to shape the management and use of sports fields for tomorrow, rather than using yesterday’s solutions.

The new MyGames software also has an open API interface. This means that it is very easy for other software solutions to cooperate with us. This gives the court owner, for example, the opportunity to sell cancelled free times on the MyGames platform using the already existing booking system, i.e., to use MyGames as a simple sales platform and a quick communication channel to reach players. As a MyGames user, the player can mark their favourite courts, on which they will be notified about the free times and the possibility to reserve them immediately. A comparison can be made from the hospitality industry. The hotel has its own working booking environment, but rooms are also sold in the environment. We are like the of the tennis world. With our solutions, we complement the environment of tennis centre administration. Now court owners have an overview of booked times and a quick and easy way to change bookable times and prices. In addition, owners can also see the statistics of the courts.

Thanks to the renewed technological vision, we can offer two different packages to sports court owners: full service and extension. Full service, i.e., a complete solution, is for those court owners who do not have their own reservation system or want to replace the existing one. We offer all the necessary equipment for field automation, and we also add a game calendar and a payment solution. The extension package is for those who do not want to replace their existing system but want to sell individual free playtimes through our system as an added value. In this case, it is possible to interface the existing solution with the MyGames platform, quickly reach a larger number of players with information and maximize the occupancy of the courts.