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New tennis courts are added every week!

Spring always comes unexpectedly and this year as well. As the current restrictions did not allow indoor tennis games in the early spring, many centers have opened their outdoor squares as soon as possible during the first warm weather. The entire MyGames team has also worked hard to open the centers.


Already open

The MyGames platform is already open for booking and playing: Pärnu Tennis Center (6 indoor courts, 5 + 1 outdoor courts), Sauga Tennis Hall (1 indoor court + practice court), Uulu tennis court (1 outdoor court), Paide tennis and paddle (2 outdoor tennis courts, 1 reed field ), Nurme tennis court (1 outdoor court) and MyGames Demo court (1 outdoor court).


Coming soon

Sindi tennis courts (2 outdoor courts), Pärnu City Center Tennis Club courts (4 outdoor courts) and Pärnu Kalev Tennis Club – Tulbi tennis courts (1 outdoor court) and Saviaugu tennis courts (1 outdoor court).


Preparations are underway

Preparations for automation are also underway at the tennis courts of Rakvere Rahvaaia (3 outdoor courts), the tennis court of Rapla Tennis Club (1 outdoor court) and the Sauga tennis court (1 outdoor court), where we are testing the so-called wireless tennis court for the first time using a solar panel. Preparations for the reservation system are already underway with the Veeriku tennis and badminton center in Tartu (5 tennis courts / 5 badminton courts in the indoor hall, 2 small courts).


If you also want to use the MyGames reservation system on your square (s), let us know at aardess