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Pärnu (Estonia) start-up company has launched a new app for tennis enthusiasts

A start-up company from Estonia launched a new application in October that is called MyGames. This app helps tennis enthusiasts find opened play times in different tennis halls that are usually booked permanently or covered by group trainings. It makes finding a suitable time for every person super-fast and easy and it also helps to find people, who have booked a permanent time and need a replacement for a player, find a suitable substitution. 

“It is usually complicated to find a free tennis court or game time- especially in the evenings, when courts are fully booked by players. At the same time, turns out that there is always some opened spots when players who have their permanent time can’t make it or get ill suddenly,”- said one of the founders of MyGames Janno Metsa. “Until this day, we haven’t had any good opportunities to track this information and provide it to tennis enthusiasts. And it turns out this problem goes for both parts- people who are trying to find opened times and people who have the time, but need a quick player to replace somebody. Sometimes it takes a day to find yourself a court time by calling and checking through emails,”- he adds. 

MyGames app makes everything easier because with just a press of the button you can inform people about the opened court time or the need of a replacement and you don’t have to use any other resources to make it happen.  

These useful functions are just the beginning. We are trying to add different values for tennis participants to make their life even easier. We also want to work out solutions for tennis halls, where they can easily manage their tournaments, training calendars and overall management of the club,” said Margus Randmäe (second founder of MyGames).

The company firstly launched their application to Estonian market, but it doesn’t end with that. “It is true that we are already putting our effort into entering different markets outside our home country. With tennis being such a common sport, we know that other counties are having the same problems, where we want to help out and offer value through our app. If we take into account that tennis has over 100 million participants all over the world and on average every individual invests over 1000 euros into this sport, the market volume can reach to 100 billion. That is why we are taking it so seriously and involving investments to enter different markets in the near future.” added Margus Randmäe. 

MyGames has different partners, who are helping out making this application the best on the market. For example, Estonian Tennis Association, software company Fob Solutions, design studio DUX, digital marketing agency VAAS and Uppercase, creative agency Jelluo Ferdinand and local partners like University of Tartu Pärnu College, Forwardspace and business idea development program Starter and many others. 

You can read more about MyGames at: The free app is available for download from Google Play and the App Store.

Additional information:
Margus Randmäe
Tel: +372 511 8336