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Preparations are underway for expansion into foreign markets

In recent months, the development team has placed great emphasis on the platform’s preparations for expansion into foreign markets. We are finishing the development of self-onboarding, which allows the court owner to add their court into the marketplace quickly and easily. Just like an apartment owner hangs up a living space in Airbnb. The primary goal is to provide court owners with an ultra-simple booking platform that takes no more than 5 minutes to set up. After adding the center, a payment solution and court automation, etc. can be added to the reservation system if desired.

During the same development, English language has been added to the MyGames platform as a second language. The addition of self-onboarding and English language allows us to test MyGames solutions in different markets and quickly add languages ​​according to market needs.

As a major preliminary work to expand into foreign markets, we have collected data from our database of nearly 36,000 tennis and padel centers with more than 150,000 courts. Work on the databases is still ongoing, but soon all of these centers will be added to the MyGames map.

The first markets are the British, Belgian and Spanish markets. In terms of size, business model and other features, the tennis centers are the ones that have the most to gain from MyGames solutions. Automating the booking process will significantly save the centers on marketing and administrative costs, while increasing the occupancy of the courts. There is also an active interest in the MyGames product and we are negotiating with potential customers and partners from Dubai, Kuwait and other Gulf regions.

If you want to know more about MyGames’ expansion plans and investment opportunities, feel free to write to