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The Estonian Tennis Association awarded MyGames with the title of “Regional Tennis Developer of the Year”

At the end of 2019, MyGames and the Estonian Tennis Association signed a memorandum of understanding in which the parties reaffirmed their common wishes for the promotion of tennis and the expansion of their coverage. The title of “Regional Tennis Developer of the Year” at the Estonian Tennis Association’s year-end awards ceremony really showed the dedication and determination of MyGames and what we have achieved in the last year.

In February, MyGames began mapping Estonian tennis courts in order to update information of the courts and to bring all tennis courts to one map. Today, there are 136 tennis centers on the MyGames map with just over 350 courts

In the first half of the year, we were determined and worked hard on the development of an automation system for tennis courts. It is meant to give tennis court owners more freedom and allow them to „disconnect“ from the court. In the beginning of July, MyGames opened its own first of a kind fully automated tennis court. The tennis court can be booked from the mobile application or the web with the possibility of instant payment. The player can open the court gates with a unique code or directly from the mobile application. Also, when it’s getting dark outside, the lights turn on automatically.

MyGames Demo Court in Pärnu caused a lot of excitement, which is why self-service tennis courts can already be found in Paide, and there are several more fields waiting to be automated in different parts of Estonia. In October, the first indoor tennis hall in Pärnu was turned into self-service court. It also proved that it is possible to automate both indoor and outdoor courts.

Small tennis centers and individual courts benefit the most from automation solutions, and the automation of the field helps to significantly reduce labor costs. Such courts are mostly located outside the larger cities, and this probably gave us the title of “Regional Tennis Developer of the Year” at the award ceremony of the Estonian Tennis Association’s year-end party.

MyGames is grateful for the recognition and award!