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The No. 1 Sharing Platform for Tennis Courts Now Available for Global Users

Meet MyGames, a sharing platform that brings tennis closer to the players – fast and simple.

Many homeowners have their own tennis court in the backyard, which might sound like a convenient solution for tennis enthusiasts allowing them to pursue their favourite hobby at any time but these courts are mostly underused and remain empty for a great amount of time. While the owner still has maintenance and investment costs to cover over time.

MyGames offers a super-simple solution to cover these costs and earn even more by sharing your backyard tennis court with the local community. It is well-known that there are more players than tennis courts out there and the demand for courts is higher than the existing courts can manage. By sharing your court you will not only be generating an extra income but will be creating the whole new playing opportunities for local tennis enthusiasts.

Listing your court on MyGames is ridiculously easy. With a single court your property will literally be bookable in less than 5 minutes. The self-onboarding flow guides you quickly through the most important steps while the dashboard offers plenty of options for those who care more about customizing their booking & cancellation policies, etc.

Margus Randmäe

Margus Randmäe, the co-founder and CEO of MyGames, commented:

“In addition, we are able to fully automate your tennis court, from booking and payment services to the access, lighting and even marketing activities. Share the joy of playing tennis and make money with your court while leaving the burden of court management on us.”

And it’s not only for court owners. MyGames’ mission is to bring tennis closer to everyone. We’ll be crushing the boundaries of the traditional tennis clubs’ timetables, locations and prices by making tennis accessible on a whole new level for every single tennis player and court owner,” Randmäe said.

The traditional tennis centers usually prefer upper-middle-class households who tend to get the best times in the timetables. Without a regular time booked for the whole season there is no easy way to play tennis almost anywhere. The closed format and high prices hold back a huge number of potential tennis enthusiasts who simply can’t fight their way to the court. Playing tennis should be as easy and fun as ordering food online or driving with an electric scooter, shouldn’t it?

We’re not trying to adapt to the model of how tennis was played yesterday. We’ll take the best from the past and create a whole new future where tennis will be played everywhere – simply and spontaneously,” Randmäe said. On MyGames, players get access to many different courts with a flexible and open concept which is a lot more pleasant than the traditional club model. You’ll find no membership fees there. Simply play whenever you want, wherever you want and pay for what you get.

MyGames has developed, tested and fine-tuned its solutions in Estonia, the European “Land of Unicorns”. We have managed to bring a number of new courts to the market and collected an enormous amount of positive feedback from both, court owners and players.

Egle Rumberg

“This is an even better solution than what I could have imagined last year. In one week of this year, the occupancy of the court and the associated income has been in the same range as in the whole month last year.”

Egle Rumberg after using MyGames’ booking system and court automation.

At the beginning of 2021 MyGames closed a 6-figure funding round for market validation and for finalizing their product. Now that the marketplace has proved to be a success for both, homeowners and small tennis clubs, and the startup has attracted a lot of interest from foreign markets, MyGames will finally release its platform for global users. 

In autumn 2021, MyGames will launch its marketplace in the USA, Australia, UK and other English-speaking markets while the work on product enhancements for other markets and languages is still in the process. By the end of 2021 the startup will be closing yet another funding round for global expansion.

Have a court in your backyard?

List it on MyGames and start making money with the property you already own.