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The total volume of booking has increased to 138K euros

Despite the closing of tennis centers, MyGames isn’t slowing down and continues to grow. This month, the total volume of bookings registered on the platform reached 138,000 euros. In February, the number of centers booked through MyGames increased by 25% and the number of courts by as much as 138%.

The introduction of the MyGames booking system in Pärnu Tennis Centre brought a big increase in courts. It is the first large tennis center who has incorporated MyGames booking system with a considerable number of both indoor and outdoor courts.

In the near future, tennis courts from Rakvere, Rapla, Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu are joining MyGames. Negotiations are still ongoing with some of the larger center automations, so exciting news can be expected quite soon.

Summary, who has joined MyGames booking system and automation solutions, can be found in MyGames newsletter. Meanwhile, daily activity can be seen on our MyGames Facebook or Instagram.