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If you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go together

MyGames’ philosophy, strength and whole nature have been a team from the beginning. We have considered it important and paid a lot of attention to the team structure. We believe that choosing the right team and preparation of the team is a crucial prerequisite for the company’s development to cope with all the processes. It can be product development, sales, marketing, customer support, finance, etc. Who are the people who transport, support and push MyGames on a daily (and often nightly) basis? ☺ Please get acquainted with:


The initiator and author of the whole idea, one of the two founders of MyGames – Janno Metsa. A passionate tennis fan with a strong background in strategic planning, business management, quality and software implementation. Under Janno’s leadership, MyGames conducts, for example, product development planning, development and installation of field automation equipment, and pricing of products and services.


Margus Randmäe, the other founder and CEO of MyGames. Janno and Margus are best friends, classmates, and when Janno introduced the first ideas for improving the world of tennis to Margus, the latter immediately took over the innovative plans. Margus’ background is related to business consulting, entrepreneurship and advertising and marketing, and in addition to general and financial management, he also contributes to the planning of marketing activities at MyGames.


Development Manager Rauno Metsa has previously led software development projects and teams both in Estonia and elsewhere. Together with Janno and Margus, Rauno has also successfully built various software solutions in the past. His involvement in the development of MyGames was a logical turn of events. Rauno has built most of the MyGames booking system, created integrations with automation equipment and has a thorough overview of every small technical detail of the MyGames product.


Marketing Manager Taavi Tamm, whose previous work experience in the field of marketing and service design literally extends from Pärnu to Manhattan and back. Taavi has also helped dozens of student companies move towards their goals through the STARTER program. Leading MyGames’ ultra-large marketing plan and action plan, Taavi’s focus is mainly on new centers and squares to which value can be offered through MyGames solutions.


Developer Sander Jürgens is a man like an orchestra. And without exaggerating, because in addition to software development, training and managing his other ventures, Sander also masters the art of playing instruments. Sander is doing the development of the entire MyGames public web, blog and other front-end.


Anabell Halliste, our social media specialist, and Genelyn All, a POS materials specialist, will help with marketing activities that have already joined MyGames. Anabell and Genelyn, who also completed their university internships at MyGames, are good every day to ensure that all the joined squares are nicely pictured, be it on social media, blogs, newsletters, as well as on the site with signs, links and other materials. The content of MyGames’ LinkedIn channel and general website, as well as digital campaign analytics, is coordinated by Mariliis Meius. She also reached MyGames through a university internship. More attentive friends have probably noticed Mariliis also participating in the Äpust Ässaks project with Taavi.


However, there are still team members who have come through internships from Pärnu College of the University of Tartu on MyGames! Customer management project manager Alder Lepik helps to coordinate communication with new customers and manage new squares as smoothly as possible on the MyGames platform. Onboarding and customer support specialists Ander Pabo and Robert Piiskoppel will keep a watchful eye and supportive hand in all the centers and squares that have joined MyGames, helping to solve all current technical issues.


Product development coordinator Aver Allmere from FOB Solutions OÜ is a balancing force between the sometimes sci-fi ideas of MyGames’ founders and the real production process, helping to transform all business goals into development activities and ensuring that they become available to users on a planned schedule.


Thanks to the user experience and design team from DUX, MyGames has got its own face and character traits, all great colors, fonts, illustrations and also the MyGames logo. DUX team members are Kristian Lember, Mariin Petoffer, Bert Nool, Tiina Rasmussen and Karin Pastak. Together with this team, we develop and design processes on the MyGames app. A large part of MyGames’ video content and formats have been created by the agency VAAS, produced by Merliin Vellendi and Timo Hartikainen.


In addition to the daily team, MyGames’ superpower and secret weapon is a network of advisors, including our lead investor and Estban member Raigo Õunapuu, Trind VC partner Ivar Siimar, Estonian Tennis Association Secretary-General Allar Hint, coach and former top tennis player Mait Künnap, eBay Strategy Director Henri Jaanimä and Tehnopol business development manager Martin Goroško.

MyGames is very pleased to be a part of both the Tehnopol and Pärnu startup communities, through the Fowrardspace unit office, where we reside on a daily basis.