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Turn your regular sports venue into self-service venue

We have played indoors long enough and spring slowly brings our thoughts to the outdoor fields. The snow has melted from all the fields that are outside, both bigger and smaller ones and the gates through which the players can enter the field are already opening.

Ask for an offer for court automation and let us take care of those gates this summer. Contact us as soon as possible so we could complete the control box early on and start planning the installation.

What are the advantages of the MyGames solution?

Easy for the enthusiast. In the MyGames app, you can find the nearest court and book it conveniently. If there’s a price-tag on the time slot, you can pay for the reservation directly from your phone. Once you arrive at the venue, enter your personal 4-digit code on the keypad or open the door directly from your phone.

Useful for the court owner. MyGames solution allows you to turn your courts completely self-serviceable, managing reservations, payments, access, lighting and other functions. This saves you a lot on administrational expenses and you get to enjoy more free time.

Environmentally friendly. Thanks to the MyGames solution, all the resources related to the court are under control. Lights will turn on and the water tap works only when the field is being used. We are also the first ones in Northern Europe to offer a complete automation solution that works 100% on solar energy.

I’m in! So what’s next?

  • Drop us a letter to:
  • We’ll get in touch with you soon to go over some details. Does your court have a fence and a gate? What kind of locking system do you have? Does the lighting need to be controlled? Is there a power source near your court or do we need to consider installing solar panels? and so on
  • We order the necessary equipment and complete the control box.
  • We schedule the installation date.
  • We’ll set up the system, test it and give you a quick training.
  • When it is time to open the season, simply turn the sales on and the game can begin.
  • In need of assistance we’re always just one call away.

„It is even better solution, than I could have imagined.“ Egle Rumberg, principal of Uulu primary school, Uulu tennis court manager.