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Set a goal for each game!

We all want to get better at things we do. We all want to see some progress while doing things we love. In this post we give you some advice how to step up your game in tennis, to get even better than you are today. 

In high league one of the most important things that a player has is tactics and it defines a lot about him or her. Players analyze their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses before the game beacuse it helps them to prepare themselves for the game and think of a game plan to perform at their best. Professional tennis players usually have a coach to guide them and figure out a plan together with all the tips they need. But what if you don’t have a trainer and you are trying to get better on your own? We encourage you to start with small steps no matter the level you play and begin with setting goals before each practice or even game.

You can set your goals on very different levels, but this already needs some personal advice, so we are not covering all the details in this post. Here we just want to tell you that EACH player can set themselves some goals for the training or game and they are able to put their focus on that. This usually brings better results, you can see yourself develop and you should be more aware of your technique and movements. But which goals should you focus on?

In trainings it’s reasonable to put your focus on developing only few techniques, for example focus on your forearm, rear hand, serve, tennis volley and other technical elements that you want to improve. Focus on them step by step, don’t try to improve everything at once beacuse this can put too much pressure on you as a player and you may get lost in the game while focusing on 3-4 elements. The most efficient way is to take one element at a time and put all your effort into that certain element. 

While competing it’s a bit different, since improving your technical skills is a longer process, you shouldn’t focus on that part whilst competing. In matches it’s usually more beneficial if you focus on your tactics. It’s important to realize what your opponent is good or bad at and how you can benefit from your strengths by playing against him or her. 

If you want to grow and improve faster just set yourself some goals, it doesn’t matter if it is a training with your friend or a match against your top „enemy“, setting some goals helps you to keep your focus and be in the game. 

Now let’s set some goals and start playing the game we love, tennis!