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Welcome to the biggest marketplace for private and public racquet courts!

Hi there!

You’re about to join the movement that will shake things up a bit and create a whole new future for racquet sports. Whether you own a single tennis court in your backyard or a whole club, a paddle, pickleball, badminton or any other type of court, this place is for you. 

Our mission is to bring tennis closer to people by showing them every single playing opportunity around their current location. We’ve already gathered thousands of courts on our map and we will not stop until we have them all. That is why you are here.

Click on the button below to add your location on our map with no charge whatsoever. Feel free to add a picture, contact information etc. We’ve seen that locations with a genuine picture get at least twice as much traffic as the ones with a stock photo. Come back here every now and then to keep the information and contacts up to date.

If you are looking for a booking solution as well you can try ours free for 30 days. You can, but you don’t have to. Your free trial starts once you turn “Sales on” in your dashboard. No strings attached until then. We do offer payment solutions and venue automation as well which can be discussed personally with court owners interested in these solutions. For this matter, drop us a note: