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When the problems arise, MyGames is here to help

If you run a smaller tennis or paddle center with about four courts, you have probably experienced that in order for the center to work smoothly, you need to constantly perform various tasks yourself, for example: monitor bookings, check the receipt of payments and accounts, etc. An operating tennis center comes with a considerable cost base for service, administration, maintenance, in addition, from time to time investments must be made to improve the situation of the squares as well as other living conditions. Offering others the joy of playing can mean an ever-increasing workload for you.

MyGames has a solution for you – automated field management. We’d gladly help you with making the squares completely self-service by managing payments, passage and lighting through the reservation system. If desired, we can also help with controlling the operation of cameras and even the irrigation system. This allows you to significantly reduce your workload and administrative costs, and allows you to make the center available for 24 hours a day without having to be on site (open doors, collect booking fees, etc). Easier administration and less cost – how about that?

In addition, MyGames is a reliable partner, not just a service provider. We offer a range of marketing ideas, activities and materials while helping you to implement them and sell your court even more effectively. We offer a free website with an integrated booking calendar for those who subscribe to the platform. The first month, our MyGames booking system would be free of charge so you can be sure of its usefulness without any expenditure. Of course, we offer ongoing customer support – we are always there, always close.

All in all, you could offer others more opportunities to play, earn more and enjoy extra free time. You can apply the latter, for example…just by playing more tennis! 🙂

Ask for an offer to automate your tennis court: