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Try MyGames booking system without worries!

Some open earlier, others later, but no one escapes the summer and the outdoor courts are starting to open. The MyGames booking system is already in use on more than a quarter of the tennis courts all over Estonia, and all tennis courts in Pärnu can be booked through us this summer. The change of season is the best time to change the booking system.

Try MyGames booking system worry-free:

 No subscription fees. Setting up your court(s) is completely free.
 No monthly fee. We only charge for our services when a paying customer appears on the calendar.
 We help to integrate the customer base, set up booking and payment conditions, train staff if necessary, etc.
– We offer a range of marketing ideas, activities and materials and help to implement them.
– We offer ongoing customer support, always available, always close.

Contact us at and we will help you quickly on board.

What do others think of MyGames?

“An added bonus is that the user of the MyGames system can see all the squares, and thanks to that, many new players have found their way to our squares. In one week of this year, the occupancy of the square and the related income have been in the same order of magnitude as in one month of the previous year. ” – Egle Rumberg, Director of Uulu Basic School’

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