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Date: 07.05.2021
Author: mygames

New tennis courts are added every week!

Spring always comes unexpectedly and this year as well. As the current restrictions did not allow indoor tennis games in the early spring, many centers have opened their outdoor squares as soon as possible during the first warm weather. The entire MyGames team has also worked hard to open the centers...
Date: 22.03.2021
Author: mygames

MyGames has been invited to join leAD Lake Nona Academy

leAD Lake Nona Academy is a 6-month program for sports and wellness start-ups. Next round of applications for the program is approaching in April, which will result in choosing the start-up companies on June 3-4, which will be joining the new season.
Date: 09.03.2021
Author: mygames

When the problems arise, MyGames is here to help

If you run a smaller tennis or paddle center with about four courts, you have probably experienced that in order for the center to work smoothly, you need to constantly perform various tasks yourself. MyGames has a solution for you - automated field management.